Lococo Build is proud to produce energy efficient homes in and around Torquay and the stunning Surf Coast.

Sustainable homes better meet the occupants’ needs and are better suited to the local climate and conditions. These factors not only provide a more naturally comfortable living environment, there are also financial benefits to the owner or occupier in the form of lower heating and cooling costs.

Eco-friendly houses reduce any impact on the environment, ensuring you leave a smaller environmental footprint and reduce your use of natural resources. Director and builder, Anthony Lococo, has completed a number of courses specialising in the building of thermally efficient and sustainable structures and ensures that sustainable design principles are applied to all aspects of design right through to the materials used and the construction process. Our team really are the Torquay green builders of choice.

Design features we focus on for complete home designs, home renovations, Torquay kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, home extensions and more, include:

  • Thorough analysis of building site
  • Optimal orientation of home to take advantage of passive heating, cooling and natural ventilation
  • Water capture and efficiency measures
  • Use of sustainable materials where possible.

Building sustainable homes is something Lococo Build is passionate about, and if you would like us to, we can work in partnership with Ecolibria to further ensure your home is the environmentally friendly house you want it to be.

Like Lococo Build, Ecolibria aims to create a healthy, thermally efficient and sustainable structure with each build – we aim for truly eco-friendly homes. The work of Ecolibria is based on the principles of “building biology”, where the interior of living environments is investigated for irritants and then natural products are chosen to allow for a more natural and healthy ecological home. The team at Ecolibria will advise you on the most ethical and healthy options for your build, including limiting any problems that may arise from electromagnetic field exposure and chemicals from building materials and finishes.

Building a “green” home or adding an environmentally-friendly home extension is something Lococo Build is passionate about. Contact us to discuss your next building project and how you can make it as green as possible with the help of Lococo Build.