There are many reasons why you may choose to stay in your current home and consider home renovations rather than selling and moving on to a new house. The cost of selling a home can be prohibitive with agents fees and stamp duty taken into account and there is a great deal of disruption involved in a move to a new area.

In comparison, house renovations allow you to establish exactly what you want in a home and to work towards achieving everything on that wish list, while staying in your much-loved location! Complete and thorough planning is crucial when it comes to ensuring your project is finished on time and on budget, particularly as you will most likely need to move out of your home for the duration of the build. At Lococo Build we ensure all elements of a build are considered – from function and structure to layout, design and energy efficiency, including both internal and external house renovations.

Lococo Build will carry out a comprehensive consultation with you to establish your vision and goals for a home renovation. What are the most important elements of a house? What is your budget? Do you have any areas you want to focus on? What are your hopes for the interior of the house and what sort of exterior look are you aiming for? What are other houses or designs you absolutely love? Providing examples of features or homes that encapsulate your ideas is a great way to ensure we are all on the same page in terms of the direction and goal for the build.

The team at Lococo Build has the experience and passion to design and construct a home that makes your dreams a reality. We also have the training and know-how to bring environmentally friendly and sustainable elements into the design of your home renovation project, reducing your environmental footprint as well as your energy bills.

As well as complete Torquay home renovations, Lococo Build also carries out smaller renovation projections such as bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations in Torquay. Contact our friendly team and arrange a consultation with us to discuss the dreams you have for your home.