Renovating your home is one of the most exciting and yet daunting things you can consider! Your home might now need to cater for a growing family or you want to create more entertaining areas and living space. Maybe your home needs updating with a more appealing layout and design. There are many reasons why you might be considering extending or renovating your home.

Many people become settled in and enjoy a particular location – the street, the neighbourhood and its residents, schools and shops, and more. And if you need more space than your current home provides, the obvious answer is to renovate or extend to allow you to stay in the same location!

While the cost of renovations or extensions can seem substantial, many people forget to factor in the associated costs with selling and moving – agent fees and stamp duty can amount to many thousands of dollars.

At Lococo Build, our goal is to make the entire renovation or Torquay home extension process as stress-free as possible. We want to ensure you are comfortable with each and every element of the design and the build process itself and we encourage communication at all stages of the project.

Lococo Build is keenly aware that most extension and renovation projects occur when the occupants are continuing to live in their home. We endevour to manage the necessary work and tradespeople to allow you to comfortably carry on your normal day-to-day activities and life as much as possible.

While Lococo Build carries out complete house renovations Torquay-wide and across the Surf Coast, we also design and build outstanding kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations to update and transform your most utilised and arguably the most valuable parts of your home. Contact our experienced and friendly Torquay builders here at Lococo Build to discuss your Torquay kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or complete home renovations in Torquay and across the region.

Bathroom & Ensuite Renovations

A bathroom/ensuite renovation is one of the quickest and most effective ways to update and add value to your home. And who doesn’t love relaxing and pampering themselves in a beautiful bathroom, whether lying back in a freestanding bath or enjoying your new double-size shower or admiring a stunning new statement mirror? At Lococo Build,...

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Complete House Renovations

There are many reasons why you may choose to stay in your current home and consider home renovations rather than selling and moving on to a new house. The cost of selling a home can be prohibitive with agents fees and stamp duty taken into account and there is a great deal of disruption involved...

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Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s the place where we spend a great deal of time and the amount of “work” we do in a kitchen means we want the space to be as functional as it can be. And if your current kitchen lacks the space and equipment to work...

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