Cars are valuable possessions that are best kept out of the elements and carports are the best affordable option to keep your cars safe.

Lococo Build can design and build a carport that will blend seamlessly with your existing house. A custom-built carport will ensure your needs are met, whether you have multiple cars to house or a single car, or you want to use the carport to store other items.

Our carport builders will construct a timber carport to meet your needs and complement your house. Remember too that despite carport construction often being a relatively small building project, you will still need to contact your local council to ensure all building and planning requirements are met. If you have any concerns, the team at Lococo Build are more than happy to speak with you about them.

And Lococo Build doesn’t just build carports. We also design and construct outstanding Torquay sustainable homes and house renovations including bathroom renovations and Torquay kitchen renovations, with a keen desire to ensure all elements of a build are environmentally friendly.