Lococo Build provides you with answers to its frequently asked questions. If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about our work as a builder in Torquay and the services we offer, including house renovations, including home, kitchen renovations and Torquay bathroom renovations and home extensions in Torquay and throughout the Surf Coast.

Do Lococo Build carry out smaller building projects or do you only build complete homes?

Lococo Build is involved in a great many building projects, from complete Torquay house renovations to bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations. Although only affecting one room, as experienced and dedicated Torquay builders we give your building project the same commitment and attention-to-detail as a larger home extension or renovation.

We would like to bring as many “green” elements into our home renovations. Do you have any experience and credentials in this field?

Lococo Build is a proudly “green” Torquay builder. Director and builder, Anthony Lococo has completed a number of courses specialising in building thermally efficient and sustainable homes and structures. We will discuss the elements that are important to you in your new Torquay energy efficient home or home renovation, and determine the elements that can be incorporated into your build depending your the design and your budget.

I’ve heard that Lococo Build join forces with a building biologist on some of your projects. What is a building biologist?

A building biologist is someone who is trained in the field of building science and investigates our indoor living environments for their health and well-being. Irritants present in a building can adversely affect the health of the occupants of that building and Lococo Build has worked with Ecolibria to create truly environmentally-friendly and healthy sustainable homes.

How long do renovations take?

Well, the answer is best made with another question – how long is a piece of string? Any Torquay renovations undertaken by Lococo Build will be carefully planned prior to the start date and we will be in close consultation with you at all times regarding the length of time your renovations will take.