Decking and decking seat, Torquay

October 27, 2015

Torquay builders Lococo Build worked with the client to provide them with a lovely area to sit or lounge around by the pool. The decking area was completed using sustainably sourced Ash timber decking boards, giving the area a stunning timber deck that blended beautifully with the house and pool.

LED decking lights were built into the deck to finish of the look and provide a visual delight in the darkness as well as making the decking area safe to walk around at night. As well as providing excellent all-weather lighting, LEDs – light emitting diodes – are used for their energy efficient properties as well, which is something we at Lococo Build recommend for all our projects.

Our team also built a wall at the back of the seat and lounge area to help create an area of privacy from the golf course at the rear of the property.